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Come talk to me on Reddit!

So how many of y’all know about Reddit?


It’s a big ol’ supercool information dump site on the web, and it’s pretty ingenious. Every day they post new stories about all sorts of things, important to ridiculous, and you can basically spend your whole life there learning stuff and laughing and sometimes tearing up, if you want to.

Anyway, one of the features Reddit offers is called an “AMA,” which stands for Ask Me Anything. Peeps from the likes of John Malkovich to John Green have done AMAs in the past couple of months. Ricky Gervais is doing one today, I think. My darling geek son, Al, sat me down last night and made me apply to Reddit to do an AMA (he’s been bugging me to for weeks), and they emailed back today and said, “Yeah, sure, why not.” Which means that apparently I’m doing an AMA this Saturday at 4:00pm EST. +makes confused and slightly constipated face+ Cool? Eeeek? Scary? Not quite sure how I feel…other than OMIGOD IT WILL BE SO EMBARASSING IF ZERO PEOPLE SHOW UP TO ASK ME ANYTHING! So if you’re flopping about being bored-ish this Saturday, September 7th, at 4:00pm EST, pop on over to the AMA section of Reddit and pester me, k? I’d love to chat.

(And yet, hmmph. Teenage sons. Tricky little (big) beasties.)

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The Infinite Moment of Us is out!

Hey, peeps! TODAY MY NEW BOOK CAME OUT! It’s called The Infinite Moment of Us, and it has one of the most gorgeous covers in the world, designed by artist extraordinaire, Maria Middleton:


I’m excited, because I worked SO hard on it, and now it’s happening. It’s reaching readers. It’s finally hitting the shelves.

It’s nervy-making, too, though, because…well, because the books I write always matter to me, and putting one out into the world means that it’s going to be subject to judgement from the world, you know?

This one’s a love story, and it’s got sex in it, and complicated characters (but really, is there such a thing as an uncomplicated character?).

Here are some of the lovely and nice things people have said about Infinite Moment:

“I LOVED THIS BOOK. Myracle gets the way girls think–I heard so many of my own thoughts and fears inside of Wren–and she gets the things about guys that it takes girls (or took me!) a solid fifteen years to figure out. Things like you can be sexy without trying, and that’s not a come-on. Things like guys do not worry about the things that you’re FLIPPING OUT about–but they do worry about their own set of problems.”

“THE INFINITE MOMENT OF US was a excellent story of first love with all the glittering moments and all the heart-breaking ones too.”

“This book of first love really got to me. It definitely captured the feelings, the moments, the everythings. It was even a little reminiscent of the movie Say Anything. *Sigh*”

“This book exceeded all my expectations. I am so sick of all the fluffy romances infiltrating the young adult shelves. This book isn’t some ideal romance. Myracle didn’t shy away from writing about desire and sex. Myracle perfectly describes how every touch, every movement feels. That made this book so realistic. But that also makes this book more mature in content…I am so in love with this book. The characters, the honest writing, just everything blew my mind.”

“I read [Infinite Moment] very quickly. I was sucked into the building romance between Charlie and Wren and was completely caught up in their relationship. It reminds me of the way I felt while reading Twilight. It’s an intoxicating, addicting story.”

“The Infinite Moment of Us is a beautiful, real love story…steamy, but also authentic.”

“Pass The Infinite Moment of Us along to readers who want a strong romantic storyline, compelling characters, and who crave emotional rawness to their books. Give it to teen readers who enjoy feminist stories or who are skeptical of how YA authors treat their readers — Myracle respects them as complex, intellectual people who can make choices for themselves, and there is never a doubt about that in the story. This is one of my favorite reads this year. And please don’t call it “new adult” just because it’s set in the summer after high school or deals with sexuality. The Infinite Moment of Us is a YA novel through and through.”

And–ouch–here are some of the not so lovely and nice things people have said about it:

“I’m going to be unpopular with my opinion of The Infinite Moment of Us because, frankly, I thought it to be rubbish. I’m all for pushing the envelope with young adult books and do not think that all books are created equal (i.e. a book written for an older audience should also cater to the younger audience by censoring itself) but this one just went over the top for me.”

“It’s no secret this book contains sex. And let me be clear, I have no issue with sex in YA books. Certain stories really do call for it as it’s a believable evolution, the obvious next step in certain relationships. That being said, I thought this book was entirely too graphic.”

“I’d probably give this book just one star but I am giving MYSELF the extra star for actually finishing this book! It was like a car wreck…I just couldn’t look away!”

“I get that teenagers have sex but I feel like the author is condoning it here. This book is about teenagers but I wouldn’t let my teenage sister read it.”

“I guess I find it hard to justify letting a 14-year-old (the minimum age recommendation for the book) read what is essentially soft core pornography.”

And finally:

“Piece. Of. S***.”

So, you know, there’s a split in how readers respond to this one, huh? I guess that’s what has me biting my nails, because those reviews above? And all the others already posted on the web? They’re from early readers, and mainly adult readers. Now that Infinite Moment is actually out in the world, I’ll be reading reviews from lots more readers…and hopefully readers who are actually teens.

Is it a steamy, romantic love story? Or is it a piece of s***?

Eeek. Time will tell!

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Ty #2 Cover Reveal!

Kids often ask me, “What’s your favorite book?”

I always answer with the same (stupidish) answer: “Oh, you adorable little tulips. My books are like my children! And just like I would never have a favorite *child*, I certainly would never have a favorite *book*!”

But guess what? Your parents DO have a favorite child. (Don’t worry, it’s you.) And, okay, I don’t exactly have a favorite book, but there is one little dude who lives in my head and pops out in my stories who always always ALWAYS makes me happy. That is rare, isn’t it? To have someone in your life who *always* makes you happy?

My little happy-making dude is Ty, Winnie’s little brother, and I just finished the second book in the Life of Ty series. AND THE COVER IS NOW OFFICIAL, AND I GET TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! Ready?

On three..

Ty #2!

Whaddaya think? Whaddaya think? Isn’t he adorable??? The amazing Jed Henry drew him, and I don’t know how, but it’s as if Ty jumped straight out of my head and into Jed’s, and then Jed used his muy talented fingers to put him on paper. THANK YOU, JED! You rock!!!!

Anyway. Just wanted to share. Hope Ty makes you happy, too!

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big CLAPPING HANDS for my sister, Susan!

A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca WhiteAs many of you know, I am the proud big sister of the wonderful and talented Susan Rebecca White. Susan writes adult fiction, and her latest novel, A Place at the Table, is SO good! Other peeps agree, too. The book has received excellent reviews and is an Indie Next Pick and Okra Pick. I, myself, loathe okra, but I don’t think the Okra Pick shout-out really requires an okra affinity.

The review on the Blog Critics site sums this book up better than anyone. Go here to see what reviewer Bruce G. Smith has to say: 

You can buy a copy of A Place at the Table from your favorite bookseller. But first you should go get some snacks, because this book will make you very, very hungry while reading:

IndieBound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | A Cappella |Audible

Want a signed copy of A Place at the Table? Order signed copies through A Cappella Books, Susan’s neighborhood book store.

Susan lives in Atlanta with her new husband, Sam Redburn Reid, who is a sweetie. She teaches creative writing at Emory University. Check out her new website at Or you can like her Facebook author page or follow her on Twitter @susanrebwhite. In the meantime, check out these embarrassing family photos of Susan and me below.

Lauren Myracle and Susan Rebecca White Sisters

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I’m ba-a-a-ack!

Oh. Wow. It has been A LONG TIME since I posted a blog entry. What in the world happened to me?

Well…life, I suppose. LOTS of life. Some good, some bad, some hard. Some glorious bits in there, too. Anyway, this is just a warm-up post to say hi! And I missed you! And I’m glad I’m no longer under a rock.

Hope you’ll come out to play, too.

sunny day

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The Winnie Trivia game is out!

Go to this link to play the official Winnie trivia game. Programmed by me, Al. You can also go to my website at and although those have nothing to do with my mom (Lauren Myracle)

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Winnie Trivia Game is in production

Hi this is Al,

I have had a lot of homework but the Winnie game that I asked for questions for a while ago should be done by tomorrow!

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National Book Fest! (and a moving testimonial to the power of hair dye)

Oh, I am lame, I know. Lame, lame, lame, cuz I haven’t blogged in, what, a year? Okay, maybe not that long. But here’s a quickie! Went to the Nat’l Book Fest in DC this past weekend, and it was mucho fun-o. Hung out with fab authors Lisa Yee and Jarret Krosoczka…

met some super cool readers (Julianna–thanks again for the earrings!!!!)…

had some much needed girl time with the luverly Sarah Dessen…

and put out an all-points bulletin for sad Aimee, begging Maureen Johnson to break her silence and finally confess what the heck she inscribed in Aimee’s book…

And then…then! Today I get home and find out that someone in my signing line VIDEO CAMERA STALKERED ME! I had no idea, and I mean NO IDEA I was being filmed, and I still can’t figure out who the elusive mrs.rattyratterlman (who posted the vid on YouTube) is.

Luckily, I was in my usual ivory tower mode and was caught waxing eloquent on…um…the theory of mutlivalenced lapasarian theology? *smiles hopefully* I mean, thank goodness, right?! What if I’d been caught talking randomly about, ya know, some…random randomness? *smiles hopefully again, with just a touch of desperation*



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Rock-yer-socks-off steal-of-a-deal!

My darlings! My cupcakes! The e-book version of How to Be Bad, the mostest funnest book that I ever wrote-est (cuz i wrote it w/ my BFFs E. Lockhart and Sarah “Smoochie” Mlynowski) is available for a limited time for $1.99! $1.99, I say! For that, you could buy:

*three cheese curds,

*an old sock,

*my husband’s toenail clippings, OR

A BOOK! A REAL LIVE E-BOOK, WITH REAL LIVE WORDS, WRITTEN WITH *YOU* IN MIND! (If you’re cool and sweet and kind, and you enjoy an awesome and funny friendship story, that is.)


What’s super cool is that our editor went to a fair amount of trouble to make this happen FOR Y’ALL, cuz it’s a total summer-friendship-road-trip book, and we all want y’all to read it (and not have to pay out the wazoo to do so).

Why Sarah, Emily, and I think you’ll like How to Be Bad: It has boys! And alligators! And boys! And those awesome late-night talks you have with yr besties. Oh, I hope you give it a look (can you tell I’m excited?) cuz I’m SO DANG proud of it.

Also? Jesse (my girl) throws a Coke can at Vicks (E. Lockhart’s girl). And Mel (Sarah’s girl) kisses a VERY yummy brown-eyed, brown-skinned, naughty-sweet boy, and it is all quite…well, summery. Oh, and did I mention that the girls are in Florida? And they, um, kinda accidentally stole Jesse’s mom’s car, and no one knows where they’ve run off to? Yeah, that, too. :) So what are ya waiting for?

You have an e-reader, right? If not, you have a computer, right? If not, your bestest bud has one or the other, right? I *think* certain libraries are even checking out e-readers these days, just to sweeten the pot even more. So walk, don’t run–AG. I mean, run, don’t walk, to your nearest e-book seller place thing! And help us spread the word, would ya please? If peeps take advantage of deals like this, then editors will be motivated to offer them more often, which creates a win-win for everyone.

Go go go! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!

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I Need More Questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi this is Al. Earlier I asked for questions about  the Winnie books so I can make a Jeopardy-like game and I haven’t gotten many questions. Isn’t that horrible??? I NEED MORE QUESTIONS!!!! Don’t be lazy and pretend you didn’t read this post because I know you did! So if you want to play a Winnie Jeopardy game then send me more questions and remember the question cut off date is this Friday at the end of the day. Oh by the way email the questions to Also THANK YOU SO MUCH to the people who already sent me questions.



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