cover reveal for The Forgetting Spell!

I've fallen in love with three sisters from Willow Hill: Natasha, Darya, and Ava. Their lives are steeped in magic, and I've been lucky enough to get to wade into it with them, the good, the bad, and the weird. Natasha's story was called The Wishing Day, and it's out in the world already. (Hi, Natasha!) Darya's story is called The Forgetting Spell, and though the book isn't yet out, I feel incredibly privileged to share the book's GORGEOUS cover with you today!


Most people in Willow Hill think Darya is the prickliest of the Blok sisters. What they don’t realize is that on the inside, Darya is soft and gooey from feeling everything, all the time.

When Darya turns thirteen, the goo gets stickier—and as Darya’s Wishing Day approaches, all she wants is to forget the silly tradition ever existed.

Except...she can’t. Ten years ago, a wish made by Darya’s mother splintered their family into pieces. Last year, Darya’s sister Natasha wished for their broken mother to return. This year, Darya has a chance to wish away parts of the past, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

Darya, that’s who!

The past is something you’re supposed to leave behind. Which is why Darya has locked and sealed her most painful memories inside the far corners of her mind, where they can no longer hurt her.

But when some of them begin to leak out, Darya realizes the decision about what to wish for—and what not to wish for—is probably the most important choice of her life.

Laughter and tear-inducing to the last page, The Forgetting Spell is beloved and bestselling author Lauren Myracle’s second book in the unforgettable Wishing Day series.